Flint is a Kerry Blue Terrier who is certified as a therapy dog by Therapy Dogs International. He is considered to be hypoallergenic because he is non-shedding. Flint loves people, especially children, and has learned tricks that he is happy to perform for anyone who is interested. Flint joined our family in 2012. He is affectionate, playful, and kind and never gets tired of playing ball. Flint was the recipient of the 2018 "Kerry It Forward Award" from the U.S. Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc. He received his Trick Dog Title, Advanced from the AKC in 2018.

Barbara Wolf-Dorlester, Ph.D. is a N.Y.S. licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for 30 years. For many years, she has worked with children and adults with special needs. As Program Director of the Social Skills Enrichment Program at Churchill School and Center in New York City, she developed and ran an after-school social skills program for children with special needs. Barbara and Flint worked with the students at Cooke Center schools since he was a puppy. They are now running a pet therapy program at West End Day School. In her private practice, Barbara acts as a consultant to families who have special needs children and want to bring a dog into the home. She is not a dog trainer, but consults with parents about how they and their child can enrich their relationship with the dog. As Barbara explains, ''I get a great deal of joy and satisfaction from participating in school based programs in which children interact with Flint. Flint loves children and always enjoys his time at school. When it's time to leave, he sits down outside the school and refuses to move."

Flint and Barbara