The Mission of P.E.T.

Puppies For Emotive Therapy's mission is to use a dog in the therapeutic process in order to help children, adolescents, and adults grow cognitively, emotionally, and socially. The goal of P.E.T. is to use a certified therapy dog to engage and motivate a person in ways that cannot be done without the presence of the dog.

We Are Expanding Our Mission

The mission of P.E.T. now includes working with typically developing children to learn proper dog training skills and working with families to learn the best ways of including a puppy in family life. Link to children learning about dog training.

Helping children overcome fears about dogs has become a major focus of P.E.T.  Dog desensitization programs are part of our mission. 

A Dog For Your Child 

Having a Family Dog

Many parents feel that it would be wonderful for their child to have a loving relationship with a dog, but they are hesitant to bring a dog into the home because they do not know how to establish a good relationship between their child and the dog. This is especially true for families that include children with special needs. Barbara Wolf-Dorlester, the Director of Puppies For Emotive Therapy, is a consultant to families with children who either have a dog, or are thinking about getting a dog. Setting respectful boundaries, establishing safe play strategies, encouraging dog friendly cuddling are examples of the mission of P.E.T. to make the home a safe and joyful place for dog and child.

Visiting With a Dog

P.E.T. is appropriate for any family with children who is thinking about getting a puppy. 

P.E.T. is appropriate for children, adolescents, and adults who have a fear of dogs, or with diagnoses that include primary social-emotional disorders, speech and language delays, reading problems, sensory integration dysfunctions, or attention and impulse control issues.

P.E.T. sessions can take place in the psychologist's office, a school, or in the offices of therapists of various disciplines. The length of sessions and goals are determined by the individual needs of each client.

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Barbara Wolf-Dorlester, Ph.D.
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